Koozie Colors

Brown (Close to PMS 1685U)
Burgundy (Close to PMS 5185C)
Crimson (Close to PMS 215C)
Forest Green (Close to PMS 560C)
Green Camo (Patterns will vary)
Grey (Close to PMS 421C)
Kelly Green (Close to PMS 348C)
Khaki (Close to PMS 7500U)
Magenta (Close to PMS 233U)
Navy Blue (Close to PMS 2757U)
Neon Blue (Close to PMS 801U)
Neon Green (Close to PMS 7488U)
Neon Orange (Close to PMS 1655C)
Neon Pink (Close to PMS 212C)
Pale Pink (Close to PMS 217C)
Purple (Close to 268C)
Red (Close to PMS 1945C)
Royal Blue (Close to PMS 287C)
Sky Blue (Close to PMS 278C)
Tan Camo (Patterns will vary)
Teal (Close to PMS 321U)
Texas Orange (Close to PMS 1595U)
Yellow (Close to PMS 604U)
Mossy Oak Break Up
Mossy Oak Duckblind
Mossy Oak Obsession
Mossy Oak Treestand

Imprint Colors

Athletic Gold (Close to PMS 123C)
Brown (Close to PMS 168C)
Burgundy (Close to PMS 209C)
Dark Grey (Close to PMS 429U)
Deacon Blue (Close to PMS 286U)
Forest Green (Close to PMS 3425C)
Ivory (Close to PMS 7506U)
Kelly Green (Close to PMS 355U)
Khaki (Close to PMS 7500U)
Light Pink (Close to PMS 203U)
Light Purple (Close to PMS 2577U)
Metallic Gold (Close to PMS 875C)
Metallic Silver (Close to PMS 877C)
Navy Blue (Close to PMS 295U)
Neon Green (Close to PMS 374U)
Neon Pink (Close to PMS 806U)
Neon Yellow (Close to PMS Yellow U)
Old Gold (Close to PMS 124U)
Orange (Close to PMS Orange 021U)
Pink (Close to PMS 212U)
Purple (Close to PMS 268C)
Red (Close to PMS 186U)
Royal Blue (Close to PMS 294C)
Super Bright Blue (Close to PMS 2995U)
Teal (Close to PMS 319U)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to computer monitor differences such as viewing environment and monitor settings, all color swatches are approximations. PMS # references are approximations. Product colors DO VARY from dye lot to dye lot, which may affect product color from order to order, or within an order. Camouflage patterns are random and variable. Due to the contrasting colors within each camo pattern your logo may not be legible in all areas and camo patterns may show through lighter shades of ink colors in areas where the camo is darkest.